• boredom



    Gaze into people's hearts

    Into their minds

    we're all schizophrenic in a way.


    Wanting to believe that we are strong enough

    that we can do everything

    control everything

    be better than anybody else..

    But that's what being left out gives as a consequence 

    either we believe in ourselves more than anybody else

    or sink

    and be shattered





    Believing our own lies

    Trying to compress our needs

    Seeking ways of forgetting..


    Swamp places with others,try seeing life as they walt through it everyday.


    wanting things that are impossible to have,believing that you can have them by working hard.


    drink coffee


    Here's a cigar


    no,not when marijuana exists

    Seeking escape?



    Have sex with a random stranger


    Go to a concert


    But aren't they some cheap temporary solutions to limitless feels?

    For how long can we escape from them?

    Until the moment we die?

    won't we get bored in the after life?

    I believe we will . Definetly..

    But what is boredom?isn't the feeling of not having anything to do...a neve  ending monotony..

    even though life keeps you busy with its problems...At some point we will be fed up.. of everything, wanting to escape this sythmic chaotic song we are living in .

    We seek change

    We skip chools,jobs,dinner,family meetings,friend's invitations..and slowly life...

    We fall into a black hole

    Of Emptiness....

    What would save us?

    who can save us ?

    Music? ill ears

    Drinks?tired livers

    cigarettes?weed? Chokes lungs

    Shows ? teary eyes

    People ? We know plenty !

    can't remember their names anymore

    who are they?

    why am i surrounded by them?

    who are they?

    Why are they staring at me?

    Smiling...everybody's trying to touch me


    STAY AWAY !!


    i want to be alone...


    But we've been praying

    Pray more? maybe ,but...

    but we need loneliness..

    i need it.


    Control the noise in your head

    concentrate on your breathing

    listen to the sound of rain

    Get away

    Close the windows

    the doors

    light mustn't sneak a peek of you sacred body

    scared eyes.

    Dark soul

    that needs a shelter

    sick of being forsaken by time

    maybe hugs provide 2 seconds of feeling of belonging

    maybe they stop time in a way

    i'm tired of racing


    i want everythig to stop,slow down for few...seconds...

    i want to forget what happened,can't we take a vacation from it? or the only vacation we are allowed to have is in the other world..death,by all meanings,is something we fear,or we desperately want.


    but it comes to others...

    Death isn't what makes us cry for them

    Nor missing them

    because we know,how she,he,they,are going to be in a better place..

    it is only better because...it's different and they can start a new reality , a new dream,new beginning in a way.

    away from people

    and aren't the demons after all less dangerous than humans?

    But we cry..

    For the  way they died

    For how they felt before dying

    For the reason they left us

    For the mess .


    The good thing of feeling that emptiness inside is that you would instinclively try to fill it

    i guess that's why we need our time alone

    To know what we need

    And to heal ourselves




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