• consistency

    being consistent



    i am so sick and tired of how people treat each other

    i've been observing them,they are as cruel and as stupid as animals and even fucking more.

    No matter how hard i try to be someone's first human being that cares about there will always be another one

    no matter how hard i fucking try to be a nice fucker

    they will get mad over anything

    i can't believe these fuckers will live with each other in heaven or hell

    they are sick mortals,careless,stupid,empty,pathetic,scared creatures that cannot do anything


    made of flesh and meat

    and that is it!

    soulless bastards

    making each other

    creating each other's pain and suffering 

    then they blankly wonder

    .........why life is so cruel?!.............

    they are the cruel shitheads that should fucking cease of surviving

    because they just survive

    they can't rach the art of living

    because their lazy asses prefer a state of coma and monotony just so they escape reality and do their best to stop thinking,and by time become stupider.


    which is kind of sad..


    the final state of human mind is being consistent and stopping to evolve and change.....we'll be like this forever

    and after death...

    guess what they get.

    heaven that is full of pretty women

    which leds me to the question..what am i doing here on earth if i ain't getting shit in the end...baaah whatever

    or hell,which is full of suffering

    so the only time we get the chance to change and chose who we truly are and build everything inside...is the first 21 years..............................just the first 21 years...

    enjoy being consistent

    but if you had to chose,it will be this or nothing...


    there's something missing...





    again my articles are just thoughts i'm not making any call for violence or believing in any religion or ideology of any sorts

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