• Have the most productive day ever

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    I saw this post on facebook today, and as you can see it's entitled "how to have the most productive day ever"...basically you start your day with a mental exercise and then a physical exercise which is a great idea and encourages a healthy state of mind and body.

    I admit this picture inspired me to wake up early and have a morning routine, go run for a while or go to the gym.

     the good thing about a day like that is the routine, if you have a good daily routine you can achieve literally anything

    imagine passing one hour of your day programming, in three months you'll be decent in a year you can work out of the skills you learned 

    or drawing for an hour every day, or writing. you'll be whatever you want in absolutely no time

    also, the good thing about having a routine is being able to add new habits to your life, and being in total control of your time <3 

    get ready


    start planning your day 

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