• just imagine


    just imagine



    imagine if your whole life is a dvd;you're not a real person and every single day a new copie of you wakes up with the data that has been inserted in it of you


    imagine if you're the only real person that truly exists and this whole universe is created by your brain


    imagine if all the scientific facts are just your mind trying to find excuses for the unexplicable things that you see everyday and all the paradoxes in the world are you trying to convince yourself that you're still sain and everything is alright


    imagine if all your life is an experiment from  a higher power and you just have to deal with it


    imagine if your god didn't exist


    imagine if the heartache you're feeling; the pain you go through is just a consequence of a drug someone is giving it to you in your sleep and your whole life is just your brain reacting to different drugs


    imagine if your only true and real life are the dreams that you have everynight; and this is just a nightmare


    imagine if you created all the music you ever listened to; that's why some are good ;some are bad and some are weird; because your brain is trying to express itself by giving you messages through music..


    imagine if you wake up one day mentally stable...

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