• the fundamentals of drawing


    anyone can learn to draw

    no one is born magically knowing how to draw

    Q: what it takes to make a good picture?

    these are the fundamentals of art

    - Construction

    - Perception

    - Composition

    - Anatomy

    - Gesture

    - Color theory

    - Rendering


    three most important things for a beginner


    you have to draw what's in front of you, not the symbols that are in your head

    some examples of symbols are ☺ ♥ ☼

    you have to let go of what you see in your head

    and the preconceived ideas but draw what you see


    construct things using shapes instead of drawing instead of starting with the outlines

    by using construction, you'll understand more the things you are drawing and can late on the draw it from memory


    it will make the character looks more alive

    by practicing you'll learn how  instinctively capture how humans act and interact with each other


    A quick summary of the rest


    you will be able to draw a human body

    5-color theory

    understanding how the color combination works

    you might find that colors are not how we perceive them to be


    shading: painting and making things look like a form


     being able to represent a three-dimensional shape


    organizing the viewer sees the painting or drawing

    arranging the image: things are too close or too far apart


    you don't need to attract everything at the same time. take one thing and practice it.



    • use reference as much as possible so you learn to draw things out of imagination later on
    • take your time and learn how to draw straight lines: be confident
    • don't waste time drawing details: a well construct doing with no a lot of details is a good construction
    • start with a pencil and a paper or with a medium to small sized tablet
    • the time and effort you put is what you get
    • drawing is a skill that you learn not a magic age that you start from



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